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Iowa (SHOEI) bike helmet Jet tr-3 white XL 61-62 cm

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Price = ¥ 19,180


-size: XS (53 cm), S (55 cm), M (57 cm), L (59 cm) and XL (61 cm)
-standard: JIS Standards (MFJ certified)
-structure: AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)
-Accessories: visor
[商品詳細] revitalizing racing services
decades of know-how. All-Japan Championship trial
more than 20 years.
continued, supported by most of the former champion in the moment about 8 percent or more of all SHOEI trial model
player with. Knowledge gained can be strengthened by many players in the top category
always lavishly and built tr-3 is a Crystal
SHOEI’s trial concept.

○ construction ○
AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)
of strong glass fiber before 3-d organic fibers, complex layers of. While maintaining the rigidity
can be lighter and the SHOEI’s own shell construction.

○ 4 stage adjustable visor (visor V-360) ○

designed visor (V-360) is the angle into four positions up and down at the touch of a button adjustable type visor. In the
section can face when it wants better upward visibility and strong when in the Sun, such as backlight easily visor from different angles. … Country of origin: Japan
accessory: visor


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