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Iowa (SHOEI) bike helmet offroad VFX-W Black M (57 cm)

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Price = ¥ 33,210


AIM + (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-Fiber)
of strong glass fiber and 3D shaped organic fibers composite laminated structures based on
High performance organic fiber with a high acoustic performance, plus the shell construction yet light weight rigidity and elasticity suitable for
-standard: JIS standard, used in MFJ recognized
-size: XS (53 cm), S (55 cm), M (57 cm), L (59 cm) and XL (61 cm), XXL (63 cm)
-Accessories: visor, bag, mudguards, visor anti-reflection sticker (black)
[商品詳細] awaited Japan Motocross helmets and fascinated the world
. VFX-W started
United States captivated the motocross riders from around the world.
SHOEI because without never before got this unconventional form and safety. Form awaited
Japan motocross riders and safety was born here more and more.
American No.1 Motocross helmet Motocross scene of America’s leading Motocross magazine “Transworld TRANSWORLD MOTOCROSS’, THE BEST NEW PRODUCTS of 2009, see MOTORCYCLE USA. COM “, won Best Product Innovation of 2008 Award for its safety, design, and functionality, all against VFX-W won the highest rating from the media all over the world. … Accessories: visor, bag, mudguards, visor anti-reflection sticker (black)
-size: XS (53 cm), S (55 cm), M (57 cm), L (59 cm) and XL (61 cm) and XXL (63 cm)
color: white, black, Matt Black


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