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Iowa (SHOEI) bike helmet offroad VFX-W BLOCK-PASS [block path] TC-5 (BLACK/GREY) M (57 cm)

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Price = ¥ 35,565


-standard: JIS Standards (MFJ certified)
visor, bag, rack
visor anti-reflection sticker (black)
[19459001[商品詳細] VFX-W captivated motocross riders from around the world started
United States new to the graphics model ‘BLOCK-PASS’ (block path) lineup.
SHOEI because without never before got this unconventional form and safety. Form awaited
Japan motocross riders and safety was born here more and more.
Maintenance, as shell design and the main features of the VFX-W

sports gear design and race an essential feature of ventilation / fusion

low-speed ventilation performance of strength
race after dual liner system and simple

SHOEI’s own two-layer construction liner high shock absorption bringing
V-430 Compact corresponding multifaceted functionality is needed
sleek visor visor high-level, intense realization
of strength and lightness, AIM + construction
riding and nose/mudguards and highly functional interior with hold and absorb moisture associated with volatility in the 3D MAX-DRY system Interior and lightweight shell

Adopt a new design noise covers a bold image. Accessories: visor, visor anti-reflection sticker
color cloth, mud:TC-5 (BLACK/GREY) / m (57 cm)


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