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Iowa (SHOEI) motorcycle helmet full face GT-Air EXPANSE (expense) TC-4 (GREEN/BLACK) M (57 cm)

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Price = ¥ 41,680


-standard: JIS
breath guard and Chin curtain, maintenance kit, CWR-1 PINLOCK EVO lens, bag
[商品詳細] all functions required for
retractable inner visor, such as touring lineup of ultra stylish has condensed
touring full face “GT-Air” to the new graphics model “EXPANSE” (expand).
«features» ‘sun visor QSV-1″
-closure inner visor,
raises an unpleasant sound, or & in the static sound design of preventing them from
and 2 stage sticks to the body in action & one-touch detachable”CNS-1 shield”Pinlock EVO lens minimize fogging of shield
& micro-ratchet style buckle the chin strap -Fitting depending on rider preference tweaks & full detachable “3D full support inner IV+E… Q. R. S.” Emergency helmet removal system with
and accident, “E.Q.R.S.(Emergency Quick Release System, ventilation,
gloves and remain available
-color:TC-4 (GREEN/BLACK), size m (57 cm)


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