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Iowa (SHOEI) motorcycle helmet full face GT-Air WANDERER (the Wanderer) TC-1 (RED/BLACK) (59 cm) size L

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¥ 47,339

-standard: JIS standard
function and design into a shape. Condensed all of the features required for
retractable inner visor, such as touring ultra stylish touring full face ‘GT-Air’ to new graphics model “GT-Air IANDERER” lineup.

QSV-1 sun visor the Sun is, and do not vary from to.

and quiet sounds from occurring.
an unpleasant sound, preventing them from inside. To deliver intact riders views of the

CNS-1 shields road.

/ Pinlock® fog-free system weather conditions are poor: only
helmets can support riders there should be.

-micro-ratchet type chinstrap safety and ease of use, please feel free to both.
-3D full support inner IV+E… Q. R. S. fit ever ran you want to be like is aimed at
and E.Q.R.S.(Emergency Quick Release System) E.Q.R.S.(Emergency Quick Release System developed by
SHOEI), simply pull the Ribbon
private, while minimizing the burden on to the rider’s neck. Accessories: Guard and Chin curtain, maintenance kit, CW-1 Pinlock fog-free sheet, bag
color: TC-1 (RED/BLACK)-size: L (59 cm)

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