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Iowa (SHOEI) motorcycle helmet full face QWEST ASCEND (Ascend) TC-9 (GOLD/BLACK) XL (61 cm)

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Price = ¥ 31,850


-structure: AIM (AIM:Advanced Integrated Matrix)
-standard: JIS Standards
-Accessories: Hotei, breath guard and Chin curtain, maintenance kit, Fog-free sheet CW-1 Pinlock (R)

S:55 cm M:57 cm L:59 cm XL: size 61 cm
[商品詳細] and
matches any machine, riding scene!
JIS standard.
AIM (AIM:Advanced Integrated Matrix) of strong glass fiber which before 3-d, based on organic fiber composite laminate. While maintaining the rigidity
can be lighter and the SHOEI’s own shell construction. Silent surface increase the concentration and enjoyment of riding the main feature
★ base QWEST ★

QWEST is SHOEI’s own wind tunnel always thoroughly test to demonstrate various categories of motorcycles, riding position
various excellent stability, low noise, enhance aerodynamics.
for a long time for driving and fatigue clear difference is the support the enjoyment of riding.
riding wind affected, especially to the back of the head design of spoilers and demonstrate high effect and reduces the burden on riders. … Accessories: Hotei, breath guard and Chin curtain, maintenance kit, CW-1 Pinlock? AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix): fog-free sheet

standard: JIS


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