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Iowa (SHOEI) motorcycle helmet full face QWEST BLOODFLOW (blood flow) TC-10 (WHITE/BLACK) M (57 cm)

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Price = ¥ 32,065


-standard: JIS Standards
S (55 cm)
M (57 cm)

L (59 cm) XL (61 cm)

and Tomoyasu Hotei and breath guard and Chin curtain, maintenance kit & CWR-1 PINLOCK (R) EVO lens
[商品詳細] form to stimulate your senses
quietness and light-weight, and riders wear, from street to the long touring Any machine, riding scene matches a graphic model of the standard models of the premium full face “QWEST” “BLOODFLOW” (blood flow).
[The main characteristics of base model QWEST] Silent surface raise fun riding of
and concentration
-shield system down and press the latest Q. R. S. A. system variable axis W action “mechanism” even
and airy feel clear view
and gently wrap fits,
excellent rigidity and elasticity in a cool environment to make ventilation
and lightweight high-performance shell [AIM]
complex layers of AIM (AIM:Advanced Integrated Matrix) the fine glass fibers, based on advance 3-d organic fibers. … -(M), color:TC-10 (white/black)


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