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Iowa (SHOEI) motorcycle helmet full face X-Fourteen BRADLEY3 (Bradley 3) TC-1 RED/BLACK XXL (63 cm to 64 cm)-

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Price = ¥ 66,890


Aero Aero performance stable speeds safer to keep its original premier road racing model
more than 300 kilometers. Interior system for tight racing position forward-leaning, was born from a new idea. In MotoGP leading ventilation system to reduce perspiration caused by intense riding and suffocating, of redesigned and introduced
shell, shields, Interior, Aero device, all know-how gained from racing support and unprecedented spec form

you are looking for “ X-Fourteen ‘ If you “ 140-0431-555 ” in the search for
-color, TC-1 RED/BLACK, size: XXL (63 cm-64 cm)
JIS, SNELL standard, used in MFJ recognized


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