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Iowa (SHOEI) motorcycle helmet full face z-7 MARQUEZ BLACK ANT [マルケス ブラック アント] TC-5 (BLACK/WHITE) M (57 cm) z-7 MARQUEZ BA

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Price = ¥ 35,246


-standard: JIS Standards
breath guard and Chin curtain, silicone oil
CWR-1 PINLOCK® sheet fog-free, Tomoyasu Hotei
lightweight, compact form evolve further.
vibrantly designed, highly efficient ventilation system, and quietness enhance the wearing comfort rooms, to a new puresportfleface all of them created by the “z-7” new graphics model MARQUEZ BLACK ANT (Marquez black Ant) lineup. Light
. Smaller. Revamped and all
shield system to start with, I was reborn, a new Z series.
series concept in the interior designed further advanced, lightweight and compact form,
lively, highly efficient ventilation system, quietness
enhance the wearing comfort, all of them created by the new puresportfleface.
Open the world of the new z-7 sport riding. Can be realized as

to form a dream

-compact & lightweight helmet, light, small, Aero design and functionality combines the refined Aero and quietness for a long time riding “silence = comfort”. Accessories: bag, guard and Chin curtain, silicone oil, color:TC-5 CWR-1 Pinlチck fチg-free sheet
size: M (57 cm)


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