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Iowa (SHOEI) motorcycle helmets off-road HORNET ADV Matt deep grey XL (61 cm)

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-standard: JIS standard
cross country ride and the verve and functionality
Combining comfort and beauty on-road driving to
Sport Utility Helmet sporty driving anywhere scene with the HORNET ADV was born.
Developed premised on having a sporty allowed performance of any roads and environment based on the concept of SUH. Sportswriting for multi-purpose helmet pursued without compromising aerodynamic performance required by V-460 visor new development also supports running in cross country
on-road driving and ventilation performance,
and ease of use,
is the HORNET ADV.

V-460 visor aerodynamic performance and functionality of both the newly designed V-460 visor / shield system shield system–removed from riding smoothly and comfortably

/ PINLOCK® EVO Lens standard what support rider, riding in the PINLOCK® EVO lens field of view to protect
-design * ventilation systems ventilation system and innovative Aero performance

riding to form. Country of origin: Japan
Accessories: breath guard and Chin, silicone oil, CNS-2 PINLOCK EVO lens, bag
size: XL (61 cm)


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