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Iowa (SHOEI) TC-6 motorcycle helmet Jet J-FORCE4 BRILLER (Brie) (WHITE/BLACK) XXL (63 cm)

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Price = ¥ 40,011


-standard: JIS
cloth, silicone oil, CJ-2 PINLOCK EVO lens
[商品詳細] [19459002equippedwithahigh-efficiencyventilationform
compact & lightweight, the edge of a high aerodynamic performance and ultimate coolness. Sportsopenface
all evolved and combines safety and comfort and design are in j-force 4
graphical models “BRILLER” (Brie) new to the lineup.
[feature] combines aerodynamic and design and compact size
enhance the openness of
and open face light and beautiful form than the sharp, edgy design, stability at high speeds a realization
high-efficiency riding feel cooler than the ventilation systems in the wind
-shield system. And its own double-action opening system enhanced adhesion and reduced distortion and wind penetration “CJ-2 shield]
-equipped with PINLOCK EVO lens anti-fog performance has been improved.
& interiors. To adequately respond to be encased tightly fitting and high speed moderation hold performance
-color:TC-6 (WHITE/BLACK), size: XXL (63 cm) JIS


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