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JAGUAR (Jaguar) sewing machine KC200

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Price = ¥ 15,437


size:36.3 x 19.1 x 28.0 cm

body weight:5.7Kg material-material: light alloy Diecast, ABS plastic covers
power supply: 100V AC
power: 30 W
warranty period: 1 year (#14×3 pieces) needles, bobbins (3 PCs):
accessory -Buttonhole presser foot & button presser foot & かくし縫い presser foot presser foot zipper and thread til Sesame thread presser foot and presser foot (large) (medium)-thread stand rod, soft brush with seamlipper, driver and needle plate for drivers and Durning plate, power cord, warranty and vertical boiler sewing machine manual instructions DVD and instruction manual

speed adjustment: stepless

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