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[Japanese regular Edition] Beats by Dr.Dre Pill + Bluetooth speaker portable / wireless-enabled black ML4M2PA/A

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Price = ¥ 21,900


and Beats Pill + to every corner of the room heavy and designed so you can reproduce the sound. To smoothly connect Beats Pill + can be operated intuitively. Also attracts all those who listen in sound can be achieved because an attractive feature is the Beats.

and clear pure sound, portable, compact design condensation
and Bluetooth enabled device and pairing with the play
and 12 hours of continuous use that can be rechargeable battery, built-in speaker phone, Lightning cable and power supply can charge cell phones and other devices
and power adapter that comes with
Condensed into a compact, portable design clear and pure sound
Bluetooth devices paired with the play. Rechargeable battery that can be used with sound
12-hour series is optimized for dynamic, clear sounding 2-way stereo active, cross-over system by long-running play safe. You can revel in the music with friends in not ever if you download with
Beats Pill + App also can charge cell phones and other devices, and comes with a power adapter
and Lightning cable power supply features, functionality. By using one speakers, you can play in a novel way.


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