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[Japanese regular Edition] LINE6 Wireless 2.4 G 12ch RELAY G 50

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Relay™ digital wireless system is, for guitar sound like you, seriously. Will achieve excellent specifications, sound is no technology and innovative design, you ever wireless system for wanted. Specifications
and occupied VWT (TM) digital technology, Relay wireless system sound does not take comparable with ones using high-quality guitar cables.
antenna can communication in DCL (TM), patent, complete with signal protection, as well as 2.4 GHz and backed by a stage performance to your heart’s content. Metal stompboxstyle system
frequency: 10 Hz-20kHz, dynamic range: 120 dB
RF carrier frequency:2.4GHz, how many concurrent channels: 12
transmission range: 60 m (varies depending on where it is used) prospects
TBP12 transmitter


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