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[Japanese regular Edition] SHURE GLX-D body pack wireless systems GLXD6 guitar pedal comes with GLXD16J

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product description

 product description

GLXD1 body puck-shaped transmitter and GLXD6 receiver set. You can use DC9V in
guitar or bass pedalboard can be installed GLXD6.



Shure GLX-D wireless system offers unique Shure reliability even in the flurry of crystal-clear digital photography and WiFi as well as various radio 2.4 GHz frequency band. Employs a lithium-ion battery battery used on the part of the high end Wireless System. It is possible that on a full charge 16 hours, 15 minutes charging time 1.5 hours use.
Adopt a 2.4 GHz no license or use of
and Shure’s legendary sound provides a clear digital wireless. Achieve the 120 dB dynamic range. And
for more than 80 years, trusted by musicians Shure microphone head.
new LINKFREQ function monitors radio always kept the best reception frequency band to the shift in real time. Adopt a Shure high-end Wireless used in
and concert and broadcast the same lithium-ion battery.
and when fully charged battery life up to 16 hours to achieve. Charging dock receiver in addition to the can USB rechargeable battery.
-the maximum reachable distance 60 m.
and at the same time using a maximum 8 waves possible.
and a robust structure that provides the performance you can rely on.


GLXD 1 body pack-send machine *
material: black powdercoat cast metal
send output: 10 mW
distance: maximum approximately 60 m (depending on *)
antenna type: integrated Monopole
input impedance 900 k Ω
maximum input level:+8.4 dBV (7.5 VP-p)
connector, TA4M Switchcraft,

unbalanced power-:SB902 lithium-ion battery battery life: approx. 16 hours (* when fully charged. Depends on your environment. )
dimensions and weight: width 90.4 x 64.5 x 22.9 mm, 139 g (* excluding batteries, lithium-ion battery SB902 47 g)
Accessories: belt clip, SB902 lithium-ion battery

* GLXD 6 pedal type diversity receiver transmitter *
gain adjustment:-20-40 dB (1 dB step)
material: cast metal
Run impedance 50 Ω: antenna antenna:PIFA

antenna input level:-20 dBm
audio output: unbalanced: Fawn, output impedance: 50 Ω, level:8.5dBV(3k Ω load)
power:DC9 ~ 15 V (250-400 mA)
dimensions and weight: width 95 x 46 x 133 mm, 504 g



SHURE against the overwhelming sound and performance since its inception in 1925, to highly reliable and has been selected in the world of musicians and music lovers. Past more than 40 years, SHURE “SM58” is bocalmicrohon world recognized that natural sound and durability is the most popular. Our microphone combines innovative technology and reliability. Also the audio experience for the listener, but now some of our award-winning earphones ears of discerning redefined and continues.

vocals, speech, and played on.
SHURE continues to and contribute to the creation of sound and sound.

It offers various products to deliver sound SHURE microphone cartridges, even wireless systems from. Products that leave your SHURE. And concentrate on your own sound without getting lost.

GLX-D guitar pedal digital wireless system, combined LINKFREQ frequency automatic management of innovative, rechargeable batteries, and unparalleled Shure design and structure. GLXD6 guitar pedal receiver with strobe-light
and needle type guitar tuner pedal Board easy fix that can be clearly provides a high degree of digital audio and seamless user experience.
Organizer: GLXD6 guitar pedal wireless receiver, GLXD1-Bodypack Transmitter, WA305 premiumlockingsledd guitar cable, SB902 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, USB charging cable.

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