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(Ka signature) METAL ROBOT spirits Mobile Suit Gundam [SIDE MS] ex-s Gundam approx. 150 mm ABS &PVC & model of the main character in the Gundam Sentinel painted die-cast action figure

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Price = ¥ 17,820


magazine planning machine S Gundam. Product specifications with profound feeling and expression as a METAL ROBOT spirits, wearing a camouflage blue splitter. ♦ the adjustable stabilizer wing of the opening and closing of the shoulder armor, face-UP sense of density and posing possible. ♦ ensure the linkage of the armor and the range of motion to produce a profound sense and strength, as well as a die-cast material used in the construction of. ♦ built-in gimmick change the angle on the booster unit. Also posing with a large diameter beam and Canon, moving. ♦ opening and closing of the reflector, InComm, or detachable. Cable networks in addition to launching States can be reproduced. ♦ stretch function, beam smartgun. In addition to the built-in rotation gimmick disk radome. (C) sotsu, Sunrise
age: 15 years and


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