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Kat chocolatiers connoisseur champanlazuberry

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name: chocolate content: how to save four set: in less than 28 ° C cool place, keep away from humidity. Date: printed for each product.  Allergen information: ○ books are manufactured products, including the nuts such as almonds in the manufacturing plant. Ingredients: sugar, cocoa, flour, vegetable oil, lactose, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, raspberry juice powder, powder drinks (alcoholic, dextrin, fruit wine (Champagne)), East, cocoa powder, emulsifier, flavoring, baking soda, yeast food, (part of raw materials containing soy) manufacturer: Nestle Japan co., Ltd., Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City Chuo-ku, Miyuki-Dori 7-1-15, gokodori, ○ champagne 0.27% use alcohol use (drinking equivalent) 0.3% weaker children or alcohol please. Curiosity and inquiring mind to the pastry chef chocolate-connoisseur series. Inspired by France’s famous champagne Epernay city form. Enjoy the excellent compatibility, champagne and chocolate and raspberry bright harmony.


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