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KOIZUMI (Koizumi) Japanese LED ceiling light [light wood frame harmonic color energy saving-8 tatami mats for] BH14775CK

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Price = ¥ 16,949


size:W55.6 x D55.6 x:2.3Kg H14.7cm
body weight
power: 45 W
LED thade (light bulb color + daylight)
: acrylic (milky-white paper pattern pieces)
border: plain
accessory: Harmonic color remote control
Full lighting scene 1 → scene 2-> LED lighting
warranty: 1 year
country of origin: Japan
dimming range (100-1%), LED lighting five light
style color range: (2700 K-6500 K)

rendering of color:Ra80 rated luminous flux: lm 3590


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