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[LATERAL] Sen and Chihiro’s spirited kaonashi style cosplay costume set (mask + black cloak + gloves + gold stones 10 pieces) and each size Halloween party (L)

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[item details] material: high-quality thick satin (cloak), PVC (mask), gloves
set includes: costume + mask + gloves + gold stone is long if you decide on your own that adjustment is possible.

[size] S (155 cm-165 cm)

M (165 cm-170 cm) L (170 cm-175 cm)
XL (175 cm-180 cm)
XXL (180 cm-185 cm)

by [when you purchase notes]
* colors the difference between settings of your PC, mobile, etc. And please note that may slightly differ.

may receive inferior products if purchased from * [LATERAL] other than the seller, so please please be careful.

-Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi-“exists in the mind of anyone kaonashi”

kaonashi is also yubaba’s world in the real world where not a precarious existence.
credit is the human mind?

you kaonashi be?

* gold stone is are coloring the real stone. Put in
mouth, throw or never do.
or a small child careful enough. Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi is a popular kaonashi wind cosplay.
includes: costumes, masks and gloves, * gold with stones with 10
size: s (155 cm-165 cm) M (165 cm-170 cm), L (170 cm-175 cm) and XL (175 cm-180 cm) and XXL (180 cm-185 cm)
cosplay and at various events, Halloween, party, etc.!
* gold stones “Oh… Oh…” and kaonashi perfect is if you take!


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