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Latest Looper pedal type BOSS Loop Station RC-3 from

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easily recording / playback.

RC-3 is able to quickly record / loop play loop station. RC-3 is a compact pedal, BOSS compact series of unique systems with intuitive controls.
RC-3 can be powered by batteries. The stage, of course, in the outdoors, such as street loop performance can easily.

can record up to 3 hours and 99 loops and phrases.

RC-3 is greatly enhanced body internal memory. 16 minutes was the maximum recording time of RC-2 in the RC-3 can be up to 3 hours of recording and made a huge leap forward. Does not require replacement of the media, such as the audio data without external memory, all recorded in the body, so the stable operation and operation is possible.
also increases the recording time, for up to 99 Max saved phrases. Phrase came up with still rely on sensitivity for fast recording time it can be. With the rhythm helps as a guide when recording. Easy to make BPM using tap tempo control.

For stereo input and output


RC-3 is suitable for stereo inputs. You can also loop performance rather than the Mono source, such as a guitar or connect to stereo-out effect, connected to a stereo source, such as a synthesizer instrument.
also, equipped with audio player, such as direct access aux input. You can perform loop performance while playing backing tracks can be used in various applications, such as my music and karaoke.

You can import/export via USB.

RC-3, too, connect to PC USB port. You can take a backup via USB the recorded phrases.
can also body importing WAV files from your computer. Broaden the width of, such as, for example, collects files produced in the DAW software, import your favorite songs or backing tracks, do the session while playing in a loop station.

Rear panel



nominal input level
INPUT =-20 dBu, AUX IN: dBu-10
input impedance
INPUT = 1 M Ω, AUX IN-22 k Ω
nominal output level

-20 dBu output impedance
1 k Ω
recommended load impedance
10 k Ω more than
recording and playback
the maximum recording time = 3 hours and maximum save phrase = phrase 99 tracks 1, 16-bit data format =WAV(44.1kHz, linear, stereo)
rhythm and type
Hi-Hat, Kick & Hi-Hat, Rock 1, Rock 2, Pop, Funk and Shuffle, R & B, Latin, Percussion

USB 2.0/1.1 mass storage device class compatible controls
pedal switch, LOOP the OUTPUT knob, RHYTHM OUTPUT sliders, UP button, DOWN button, WRITE button, RHYTHM on/off button, TAP TEMPO button
REC, PLAY (DUB) indicator

7-segment 2-digit (LED) connector
INPUT A connector (standard type), INPUT B Jack (standard type), AUX IN jack (stereo mini type), OUTPUT A Terminal (standard type), OUTPUT B connector (standard type), STOP/MEMORY SHIFT Jack (TRS standard type), USB, DC IN jack (DC 9 V)
DC 9 V = alkaline batteries (9 V form), AC adaptor (PSA-100: sold separately) * rechargeable nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries cannot be used.
70 mA (DC9V) * when the continuous use battery life (depending on usage) alkaline battery (9 V shape) = 3 hours
instruction manual, warranty card, flyer (safety precautions precautions on use or service desk), alkaline batteries (9V form): attached to the body
optional accessories
AC adaptor (PSA-100), foot switch (FS-5U, FS-6)

dimensions / mass

width (W)
73 mm
depth (D)

129 mm height (H)

59 mm mass
450 g memory for 99 phrases-maximum 3 hours of recording time

stereo input/output also looping performance by applying to the latest models of possible loop station
different instruments are available
Latest Looper pedal type easily recording / playback
RC-3 can be powered by batteries


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