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led fluorescent lamp 20W form straight tube 20W led fluorescent tube 20W type 58 cm glow type equipment construction required daylight 50 pieces (50, daylight)

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Price = ¥ 34,000


If you attach directly to glow for stable use equipment always remove glow tube. Using fluorescent lighting is required to direct construction of rapid, inverter ballasts for so consult your electrician.

[Product features] 
and woman easy mounting, electrical work without an existing 20 W fluorescent light fixtures to the attachable glow is.
and safety of material difficult to crack! Environmentally friendly containing no mercury!
-electricity 1/2 ~ 1/3! (One year of product cost savings) to guarantee a long life product developed by
-Japan spec, so assured!
/ bulk orders if the price negotiable?

you can use the “on notice”
* your appliance if the glow Starter formula, with no construction work, simply remove the glow ball. Because it requires direct work with rapid start system, not with the
* glow lamp, Inverter (electronic ballast) electric contact store. 
* mounting and dismounting should do must be powered off.
* dimming devices cannot and does not apply any unilateral current equipment. If you don’t know
* for your lighting fixture specification consult a contractor or specialist electrical knowledge. When rupture and fire occurred without the required construction company is not responsible for any

LED striplights 20 W-58 cm, base G13, glow-glow ball just in the work is not required (rapid, inverter wiring required)
dimensions: diameter 32 mm x 580 mm material: Polycarbonate surface (durable) + aluminum (aluminum heat sink is back)
input voltage: 85 V-265 V, frequency 50 / -60 Hz power consumption: 10 W
color temperature: daylight (6000 K) total luminous flux: 1000 LM light-emitting angle: 180
of 2 year product warranty the LED chip service life 50000 hours


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