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led fluorescent lamp 30W form straight tube 30W led fluorescent tube 30W type 63 cm glow type equipment construction required daylight (100 pieces)

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-product name: T8 2016 new striplights LED 30-W-

-power consumption: 11 W

-total luminous flux: 1180 LM

and G13 Cap
-voltage AC V 85-265 V (100 V/200 V corresponds)

-color temperature: 6000 K (daylight equivalent)

-beam angle: 180 °

-long life: 50,000 hours

-size: maximum diameter 32 mm × L630mm

-material: cover the opalescent light and durable polycarbonate, Back for improved heat dissipation of aluminum

and mounting method: simply remove the glow-glow ball work is not required (rapid, inverter wiring required)

[product features]

no install easy, light, Flash, is a high-efficiency products. 
and woman easy mounting, electrical work without an existing 30 W fluorescent light fixtures to the attachable glow is.
and safety of material difficult to crack! Environmentally friendly containing no mercury!
-electricity 1/2 ~ 1/3! (One year of product cost savings) to guarantee a long life product developed by
-Japan spec, so assured!
/ bulk orders if the price negotiable?

[use notes]

and your equipment is not work for glow Starter formula, simply remove the glow ball can be used. Since the rapid start system, not with the
and glow lamp, Inverter (electronic ballast) is required to direct project electric contact store. 
mounting and dismounting should do must be powered off. Do not use
dimming equipment and does not apply any unilateral current equipment. If you do not know the specification of
and your lighting fixtures, specialized electrical knowledge please consult a company or person. When rupture and fire occurred without the required construction company bears no responsibility.

product name: T8 2016 new LED striplights 30W-daylight
power: 11 W total luminous flux: LM 1180 base G13 voltage: AC 85V-265 V color temperature: 6000 K (daylight equivalent)
radiation angle: 180 ° life: approximately 50,000 hours dimensions: dia. 32 mm × L630mm
material: cover the radiator back, opalescent light and durable polycarbonate for improving of aluminum
Mounting method: (just remove the glow-glow ball, no construction) both sides direct response glow-for rapid, inverter wiring is required.


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