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LG 49 V-4 K LCD TV HDR support IPS4K Panel under LED backlit slim external HDD recording for Wi-Fi built-in 49UH6100 (2016 model)

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¥ 104,024

external dimensions:110.8 x 69.6 x 20.9 cm (including TV stand) and body mass:12.0kg(TV stand) / annual energy consumption: the latest video technology HDR PRO 93 kWh / year
HDR to fully utilize. Color of the HDR image in 3D Color Mapping technology at best. Powered by
4 K so the potential quality of the LG’s proprietary next-generation Panel IPS 4 K. Pursued the highest quality in every aspect, such as viewing angle, color, video performance.
color gamut Color Prime technology much more polished, achieved much wider color gamut compared to better than ever. More delicate colours and shades are visible. Powerful speakers
as encompassing surround sound reproduction. A deeper immersion joins immersive sound, high-definition video. All entertainment looking for freely with just one remote control, choose to enjoy. realized from the webOS 3.0 is a particularly smooth and intuitive ease of use.


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