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LINE6 guitar wireless RELAY G10

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Price = ¥ 19,800


LINE6 RELAY G10 Plug-and-play digital guitar wireless system

and automatic automatic setup features plug-ins to just start playing available
and 24-bit charge with receiver transmitter-digital sound korty

and up to 8 hours driving time, When the sleep mode is up to 200 hours standby 19459001, transmission distance: simplicity of the same degree of freedom of up to 15 m

all time best guitar wireless system
wireless, cable
guitar playing should be simple. Ideally, holding that you can play right away. Designed so that Relay G10 is accessible as well as use a guitar cable. For best sound quality, stable performance, digital wireless freedom with the world you can get in the easiest and most compact wireless system at the same time.

was using a complex plugin simple and intuitive design

wireless guitar system and speaking just to start playing for another decade before it is. Relay G10 is very simple and intuitively designed, easy to set up. 1/4 “lock, select channels by simply plugging the transmitter and receiver is automatically optimal. Also G10, to accommodate most types of guitar guitar dimensional worlds can be instantaneous. In addition to the XLR1/4 “has another output for the output is freely selectable. No complicated menus and easy setup is required. Automatic Automatic Setup feature-simply plug in and start playing available
24-bit charging receiver with transmitter digital sound korty

up to 8 hours driving time, sleep mode: transmission distances of up to 200 hours standby
: up to 15 m


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