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Love songs cross Magzine Stock power adapter /PA-3C+HERCULES guitar stand, Magzine Quietness of desorption of SRT powered pickup system YAMAHA and Yamaha SLG200S/NT silent guitars steel string model

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Price = ¥ 65,100


bass-string side frame better compact storage
(about 18% of a typical acoustic guitar volume)
Add a sort of novel and creative designs
an electric guitar body shape slim
tuner. The functionality and performance improvements

width: 356 mm
height: 978 mm
depth: 85 mm
weight: 2.1 kg
body material: Mahogany
mahogany fingerboard: rosewood
frame: rosewood and Maple
yarn: RM 1242N-4
Under piece: rosewood
string length: 634 mm
finger Board width (on the piece / body joints): 43 mm/55 mm
string: light custom gauge control functionality (FS50BT)
: power switch, volume, bass control, treble control, effect (REVERB1/REVERB2/CHORUS), cromar tuner, blend control
connecting terminals: LINE OUT (mono) * and POWER switch / jack plug-ins when ON DC IN, AUX IN (stereominifaun Jack) PHONES
(stereominifaun Jack) power supply: power adapter (sold separately (PA-3C *)) or 単3 size alkaline batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries / battery life: typical continuous use (effects use regardless of the non-use) 22 hours alkaline batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries approximately 18 hours * usage time of the battery is standard is only. Varies depending on the State of the individual batteries can be used.
accessory: dedicated soft case, stereo inner microphone, 単3 batteries x 2 book * power adapter sold separately (PA-3C) silent guitar
* image and shooting products for the products, such as wood grain, color will appear differently.


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