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Marshall (Marshall) 4-channel digital-effects & programmable-combo guitar amplifier 30 W MG30CFX

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Price = ¥ 21,384


MARSHALL MG30CFX guitar amplifier Marshall MG CF (carbon fiber) series digital effects with 30W guitar amp is. Carbon fibre effect covering is MG CF series of impressive features. Using CF (carbon fiber style) to listen to the voice of the player many years loving Marshall amp, contemporary and innovative but also gives a virile sound images covering. Also adopted the silver style front panel and further match CF covering, is giving the impression a fearless entire amp. Output:30 Watts Channels:4 Reverb:Digital (Studio or Spring) Modulation FX:Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Octave Deley Tap Tempo Programmable Headphone Output MP3/Line In Speaker size:1×10 “open price MG30CFX acoustic-electric guitar
Marshall MG Watts digital effects with CF (carbon fiber)


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