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(Meliabeams) Merrier BEAMS Seraphine (Serafin) and “TIANA” one piece

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Seraphine also popular lap design classic rap one piece
black and fit flexible body changes and grows hungry too softly. Neckline, surplice design is active in the post-partum lactating. Long primary post-partum and lactation from the maternity wear.

Seraphine / Serafin thought that the pregnant women as fashionable stylish tradition
body curve and France want from British brand started. After the fashionable from pregnancy and childbirth the natural course is aiming at making the clothes you wear. Made in Portugal [原産国]:
[素材]: 92% rayon, 8% polyurethane
SIZE:S (8) total length: 88 cm shoulder width: 33 cm length::39.5cm sode丈: cm/SIZE:M 55 (10) total length:90.5cm cm, shoulder width: 34 cm length::41.5cm sode丈:55.5cm


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