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MilicaBooks [Kagura wig] do not tassel ornament + electrostatic prevention comb + tying 4-piece set silver Kagura [high-quality heat-resistant full wig] and shiny texture

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Price = ¥ 22,000



1, Kagura wig
2, ornament
3, tying
4, wig Combs

☆ short wig bangs 23 cm
side 29 cm
after 28 cm

weight of 130 g
adjustable free

☆ processing cute shaggy handled

☆ material
high level heat-resistant fiber (180 degrees)

☆ color pink orange
* styling before product is we are dealing with completed ready-to-wear. (Rare in cosplay costume industry)
size, contents and other information please see product description below. Is peace of mind
-millikabooks is a professional manufacturer of Japan’s costume and wig


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