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images in the laser, no need for annoying focus. Just put this product with auto-focus, can be projected up to 100 inches. Compared to conventional led lens of laser projection projection images are bright and clear and displays kukkiri.
[Projector screen]: suitable for laser Pico Projector “Smart Beam Screen (screen smart beam)’ (20-inch) [Japan distributor] folding and related products”Smart Beam Laser”.
A4 size Binder type and breakthrough of the folding screen. To carry when carrying the usually collapsed. Increase when you use about 20-inch screen will appear. Useful for fits in your bag, go go!
[laser projection & tiny mobile projector]: in wired and wireless connections, Smartphone, personal computers, game machines, video equipment, projection image can be projected. MicroHDMI cable is wired, MacBook or Windows laptop screen camcorders screen or Whiteboard. Advantage presentations at meetings and meetings on the go. For Android, Wi-Fi connection for iPhone / iPad “AirPlay”, and “Miracast” in responded the Smartphone screen wirelessly to a projector in a mirror projection will be.


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