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NEC LED ceiling light of seismic sensor GRAND QUALITY dimming and color type-12 tatami urban oak HLDCKD1274SG

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[checkpoint prior to purchase lighting equipment][アイコンの説明] ◆ after the off is always safe as features as feature dark not to. Turns a pale blue-green light even after the remote control off (about 4-5 minutes) settled there, even during sudden power failure light and can act. * Work on wall switch ◆ automatic lights in an earthquake, shaking securing seismic intensity 4 or more sensing light even during a power outage, will it turn of seismic sensor onboard. Nightly disaster rapid action, peace of mind is useful. (-> Daylight intensity 4 or higher 100% automatic lights & electronic alarm sounds 30 seconds * wall switch is operated on) * each of the settings is possible sense of vibration sensor: on / off sensitivity settings: standard / low sensitivity after light-up time: 3 minutes / 30 minutes / 60 minutes electronic alarm sounds: 30 seconds / off ◆ timer setting time automatic on and off. Out timer can be pretending to be at home during the absence, including a trip ◆ turn off lighting forgotten convenient sleep timer ◆ at the push of a button switches the harmonic tones light scene of your choice can be your favorite memory ◆ selectable light patterns 50 (toning five x dimming 10) / ♦ specifications ♦ Guide to age and the number of tatami mats: 20s-12 tatami mats, 40-10 tatami energy efficiency (fixtures luminous flux / consumer power):121.4 LM/w (5100 lm-42 W) daylight 6700 K Ra85 (light bulb color 2700 K Ra85) type: led light Dimmable with color matching functions: with Nightlight: with remote control: Yes dimensions: diameter 604 x 146 mm mass:2.9kg sloping ceilings for non-installation: easy installation-> for more information please check manufacturers page. Size:60.4 x 14.6 cm
apply tatami units:-12 tatami mats with the rated luminous flux:42.0W power consumption
: 5100 lm-specific energy consumption efficiency:121.4lm/W
warranty period: 1 year (5 year warranty LED light source LED power supply) * tatami representation LED ceiling light, LED pendant will qualify. Consumables, such as
* batteries, thade (gloves and cover) and remote control transmitter is not eligible.
module life of 40,000 hours (luminous flux maintenance ratio: 70%) * module life and guarantee the life of the product is not.
accessory: remote control (RE0303) remote control case
light source: led daylight 6700 K Ra85 (light bulb color 2700 K Ra85)
other: insect Guide, easy installation (installed at the touch of a button and can be removed) weight
([all light, night light, OFF]: kg):2.9
remote control dimmer: continuous dimming from 100% to 10%,-段調 light (100% to about 10% (10 stage)), LED Nightlight ( 7-gray light), extermination, harmonic color phase five (direct lighting selection: contains three active, natural, relaxed) wall switch control sleep timer might cause variations in the perception of the nature of your favorite memory out timer (on/off timer) fade * LED light (30 minutes, 60 minutes).


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