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Nissin digital Air 1 + Di700A Kit for Canon [regular Edition] (NAS compatible)

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Price = ¥ 29,700


-equipped with a 2.4 GHz radio wireless TTL system characterized by stagnation in their own “NAS” Di700 based on even more ill under certain to work, using wireless TTL system (Nissin Air System). Ensure the equipment between the pair in advance only to communicate in a stable environment. Of course takes Japan technical standard conformity certification (conformity mark). -Commander Air1, used in conjunction with the wireless TTL master irradiation angle of operation also can be equipped with “Air1” Air1_l_2Di700A uses a simple dial &LED-Di700A as well as the control panel. Luminous Group A-c three, each group or bulk light quantity adjustment, stop light and irradiation angle zoom control is possible. High speed Sync (FP Flash), rear-curtain Synchro for the range is approx. 30 m. Support creative shooting. -Remote control of all modes, including TTL auto from one Air1 also mix by-name and mount different Di700A different control on Air1 on one mount Di700A. -Di700 a variety of features and characteristics intact 24 mm-flux irradiation angle zoom mechanism up to 200 mm, the maximum Guide number 54, left or right 180 ° on 90 ° and a wide range of head neck below 7 ° angle and external power connections inherited features, such as can be proven. -Sell the other form is “Air 1 + Di700A Kit” and “Di700A” unit 2 items will be. (Later released the Air1 unit) Please check whether or not you use your camera in the product support list ( ago you buy.


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