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No.07 MP7A1 Tokyo Marui body laminar model set over 18 electric compact machine gun

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Price = ¥ 20,536

ASIN = B01I423XT0

* under the age of 18 who buy and use not. * Battery and charger unit (sold separately) s main features:-Compact MECA BOX: traditional condensed into small mechanical BOX AEG performance. You can now model a compact lineup of, while maintaining accuracy and distance. -Equipped with new safety mechanisms: can’t do not position safety selector battery replacement specifications are. -A real gimmick: has faithfully reproduced real folding fore grip and slide stock, similar in style and function. -Standard mount trail 3: receiver top surface and sides, equipped with a metal mounting trail width 20 mm. Option parts, such as various types of optical devices and Flash Lite is installed. -Reproduce the unique adjustable front / rear sight:MP7A1 detachable KSK site. You can be in the front sight up and down in sight left and right impact point to fine tune to the site and use are available. -2 colors: 2 color that is effective in a professional atmosphere with black and desert camouflage laminar lineup. -By the EX adapters supplied contains conversion adapter 7.2 V micro batteries 500 is available. -20-type Magazine: magazine adopted the outer shell (outer covering) of the ammunition 50 rounds, made of pressed steel. ♦ adjustable hop up system ♦ (firing) fully automatic / semi-automatic (single pulse) switch-overall length: 380 mm/590 mm (stock growth)-barrel length: 182 mm-weight: 1390 g (battery not included)-bullet: 6 mm BB(0.2?0.25g)-power source: 7.2V micro batteries EX (* 1) or 7.2 V nickel hydrogen micro 500 EX adapter + battery (* 2)-Carmine: 50-type 名:MP7A1-type: sub-machine gun / Laminar model PDW electric compact MP7A1 awaited.
lightweight, compact and suitable for a variety of games.
length: 380 mm/590 mm (stock elongation), barrel length: 182 mm, weight:1.390 g (battery not included). A1 type stock can stretch to four
removal / / switch adjustable front & rear sight. Folding fore grip, collapsible
. 20
series of the best scalability, suitable for game use with Millar x 3.
versatile micro 500 battery built-in to the body.
EX conversion adapter included.
battery and charger unit (sold separately). -Made in Japan
battery type: battery is sold separately for separate purchase.
age: 18 years old or more


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