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Oh I goddess! belldandy me and her and rides. Ver. 1 / 8 scale ABS &PVC-painted PVC figure

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Price = ¥ 12,824


original production:ATOMICBOM SUZUKI chromatic: said to be good, no strainer “Oh goddess! ‘, heroine”belldandy”is introduced in the 1 / 8 PVC figure. “Self-chosen work of commemoration of Kosuke fujishima 30th anniversary of debut me and her and rides. “The drawn figures rider suits cover illustration motif, sat on the motorcycle’s original design,”belldandy”. “Belldandy” body of garbage makes for small items, of course, related to the “rides”, such as bikes and goggles is a high-quality product related to the garbage. (C) Kosuke fujishima / by Kodansha
height: 300 mm
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