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OLYMPUS mirrorless interchangeable lens camera PEN Lite E-PL6 Lens Kit silver E-PL6 LKIT SLV

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Price = ¥ 82,080


my decision, cut the moment instantly touch AF shutter,

and the FAST AF system capable of focusing With touch AF shutter to take a natural look, just by touching the live view screen, as soon as any composition. Never miss a photo opportunity.

system’s highest quality OM-D quality,

OM-D the same State-of-the-art technology, background with the enjoyable lag that utilize the ISO LOW (equivalent to 100). Scenes are spread further.

“my take” enjoy “tilt & reverse-LCD]

on vertically moving up to about 170 degrees tilt & reverse-LCD to” my POV “(self portrait) enjoy.
castamself features and skin to shoot beautiful [eportraitmode”suchasmyisrichinfeaturessuitabletotakeOnthedownwardmovingaround65degreesfromalowangleuptohighangleshotcanbefreelyFeelfreetoenjoytheartisticphotographyartfilterusingavarietyof

12 types of art filters. Combined filter variations or artefact, photographic expression widens new possibilities.

function and beauty body design


PEN Lite intact, metal parts used in abundance, more PEN like design with high-quality products. To hold and texture while seeking a functional beauty of compact interchangeable lens camera.

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