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ONKYO 2-way speaker system hires sound correspondence (2 pairs) wood D-112EXT (D)

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high-quality speakers with potential should be called compact limited
end plate butt plate finish is a characteristic look beautiful in sound quality speakers. 10 to enable even small volume
instruments to clear rich sound cutting edge 3 cm thick core
bullet-type equalizer to improve the smoothness of the sound and sense of speed, and suppress N-OMF cm Woofer and the frequency of the sound becomes clearer, like being in the studio recording scene fresh music reproduction ring Zita units, for example high performance
sound into established Germany WIMA, made of capacitors and Its commitment to adopt to control the sound
acoustic guitar and utilizing the texture of natural wood grain real wood veneer finish (side plates) as well as in potency wood (chikaragi), sounds clear, delicate and has enriched the realism.

D-112EXT limited machines and are also positioned to control sound
acoustic guitars and similar instruments in force Thursday (chikaragi) adopted. Germany WIMA’s reputation for tweeter located in the
made for a fine attention to detail, using plastic film capacitors designed.
the sound treble bass clearly and feeling enriched in your ear you’ll see from.

robust, high-quality Cabinet adopt a real wood veneer finish utilizing natural wood textures in the
side plate. Is combining the crafts beautiful appearance and a soft sound.

tweeter depict the clear outline of the instruments and vocals adopt the ring-type diaphragm tweeter high
sound,. Diaphragms
central to the drive point balance drive structure by human audible band upper and 20 kHz around also achieved a smooth drive. 結bitsukimasu live music playing not to rely on the vibrating diaphragms
the sound is thick becomes clearer, like being in the studio recording scene. Woofer to reproduce the soothing bass

bass woofer unit, adopt the proprietary N-OMF vibration plate. Pursued the iterative trial and hearing suitable materials and combinations.
strong, low inherent noise of non-woven fabrics formed by cotton cloth based on hybrid aramid fiber woofer unit, dynamic music and reproduce abundantly. In the Middle
units equipped with bullet-type equalizer and controls frequency disturbance. It is design to improve the smoothness of the sound and sense of speed. Featured, energetic firm core. Equipped with duct before discharging it to the external air swing to play bass is feeling a lot of speaker cabinets compact baslekhdact bring the noise straight

occurred in the inner Cabinet (bass reflex construction).
but this construction in General cylindrical ducts, causing ‘booming’ sound wave generation had been forced.
D-112EXT is not cylindrical ducts, AERO ACOUSTIC DRIVE (aero acoustic drive) using the aspect ratio derived by trial and error of rectangular duct.
and duct cabinets with separate parts to advanced specifications and the further substantially reduce unwanted vibration interference. We contribute to bass reproduction that combines the sense of
and a sense of speed, listen.

manufacturer model number: D-112EXT (D)
the maximum dimensions (x 1): 162 wide × height 267 x depth 271 mm
mass (1): 4.8 kg
woofer: 10 cm
N-OMF cone tweeter: 3 cm ring
terminal: Gold screws type speaker Terminal
accessory speaker cable ( 1.8 m) x 2, Cork spacer × 8


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