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ONKYO CD tuner amp silver CR-555 (S)

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Price = ¥ 23,260


overwhelming speaker drive exceeds
high rate digital amplifiers and analog amplifier of subtle charm. And consistent pursuit of musical fidelity, were embodied in the optimal models. With Onkyo
each to pursue, because, in this compact size used in Hi-Fi components and technology group, and is capable of balancing quality that eliminates the noise and other factors.
CR-555, first of all, you want to listen. Technology is superior and think and narrate all that you listen to than as a manufacturer.
will be dense and lively certainly fascinated by the sounds that will be played from this size.

MusicBarista speaker, to arrange the colors of music

[CASE1] select the speakers enjoying the sound of your room to live
D-055 speaker system tweeter regarding type and the’s N-OMF 12 cm Cone Woofer diaphragm. Backbaslev-the sense of bass and bass to your room a rich.

[CASE2] your room in the concert hall
D-55EX speaker system tweeter ring using the’s N-OMF 10 cm Cone Woofer diaphragm.
reflex using slit-type ducts of your own, reproduce the mass not booming bass. Sound of the vocals and instruments sound clear and and straight to you.

[CASE3] your room Music Studio
D-112EXT speaker system, side panel butt plate finish is a characteristic look beautiful in sound quality speakers.
has enriched and realism, that commitment is clear, delicate sound. People who really listen to bass and noise and clear contours, which affects the impression. The power of pure audio built into the compact body

♦ high quality power amplifier with a commanding speaker drive capacity and spatial expressiveness
power amplifier employs a discrete configuration can increase the degree of freedom of design, using carefully selected parts of.

♦ power supply transformers, because it supports a strong power transmission
sound power part to contribute to strong play is required. Using power amplifier exhaustively for the thin designed and developed EI type transformer.

♦ unwanted vibrations in a enclosure enclosure structure of sticking to flat chassis
music playback raises noise current in each part of the enclosure.
using 1.2 mm steel chassis materials to reduce the occurrence of this current strength and avoid complex interference oscillation and folded flat shape.
at the front panel and volume to the exclusion of the coloration could not push only the circuitry to select excellent vibration control knob aluminum material, such as improved, more pure sound reproduction.

♦ enjoy pure sound response
iPod/iPhone iPod/iPhone digital connection, equipped with a USB port for digital connections.
iPod/iPhone music data instead of the analog sound entrapment can be taking sounding digital remains, clearly reflect the contours of the instruments and vocals.
connecting to the with the included remote control can do, such as play, pause, skip. Further features charging feature. Also support music files recorded on the USB flash drive. Please use the included iPod/iPhone
* USB port and cable. Does not correspond to
* wireless LAN adapter UWF-1 Bluetooth adapter UBT-1.

and and other specifications
♦ with the proprietary bass enhancement technology Phase Matching Bass Boost. Vocals from fogging up the rich low and clear mid and high range of implementation
♦ tone control feature if you like, you can
♦ balance feature to adjust the left and right speaker level
♦ impervious to such as a tone control circuit direct mode
♦ with proven quality Wolfson high resolution 192kHz/24bit DAC device. Fine nuances to enrich reproduced
♦ adopt optimum gain volume play a sound rich in small volume
♦ VLSC circuit digital equipment specific noise reduce dramatically with
♦ MP3 and WMA disc playback support
♦ equipped with digital audio input 2 strains (as shaft 1 / 1)
♦ Sleep Timer turns off automatically after specified time and bedtime *
* Timer playback and timer recording function is not equipped with. Corresponds to the enclosure structure of sticking to flat chassis power supply transformers, powerful high-quality power amplifier with a commanding speaker drive capacity and spatial expressiveness

iPod/iPhone digital connection

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