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[ニューバランス] new balance WR996 sneakers CB 36314990994 ★ new balance fall new sneakers ★ (new balance) since the birth in 1906, always seeking the best fit “new balance”.
prepared for heritage models boasting high popularity since its introduction in 1988, the masterpiece “996” slimmer for women “WR996”.

traditional classic collection was positive and olive color, off-white, black. In the
basic color in an impressive silver and Mint-green logo accent.
adult casual style is the best sneakers.

♦ green label relaxing in the 22.5cm/23.5cm/24.5cm WEB exclusive sale size is. 23 cm/24 cm / 25 cm in the stores.

* image is a sample. May differ slightly from actual product specifications, processing and size. Due to the
* lighting than it actually looks brighter and slightly. It may also be due to environment, such as a PC, slightly different colors of products and images. Please be forewarned.

store contact until Japan green label relaxing places below no. Please inform us.
part number: 3631-499-0994 [原産国]: –
[素材]: –
SIZE:22.5cm cm:22.5cm/SIZE:23cm cm:23cm/SIZE:23.5cm cm:23.5cm/SIZE:24cm cm:24cm/SIZE:24.5cm cm:24.5cm/SIZE:25cm cm:25 cm


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