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Orion 24 V type 3-(terrestrial, BS, 110-degree CS digital) up to the blue light is harmful to Japanese speakers with providing quality high-definition LCD TV external HDD recording for blue light guards with hairline black BTX24-31HB

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¥ 23,600


limokong-Wan touch and can be recorded shows to the external hard DRIVE blue light guard function can be cut 50%
limokong-Wan in touch with USB hard disk recording capability Backlight control you can adjust the brightness, energy saving mode with can cut the extra electricity needed

DVD / Blu-ray player to connect HDMI * dual subtitle display function can be used in places not big volume

wall VESA 100 mm x 100 mm and late-night
useful EPG electronic program guides a week response
power consumption 36 kWh / year, energy saving achievement rate 150%


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