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Osiackerkabuto (OGK KABUTO) motorcycle helmet full face KAMUI2 TRIRUG (trailug) perlwhitered (l)

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Price = ¥ 20,751


-Accessories: Guard No.4, window shutter No.2 with
new model KAMUI-2 The graphic model of “TRIRUG” (trailug), appeared. Image graphic representation
verve and subtlety tribal taste.
-100% adoption of MAXVISION for shielding ensures wide field of vision.
new CF-1 W
wide 100% MAXVISION Pinlock Sheet * which can be fitted with the newly adopted shield.
* CF-1W-P Pinlock Sheet Optional settings

double actiontypemicroratchet buckle adoption of safe one-touch with Kabuto desorption, fine tune your own micro-ratchet buckle.
multiple meshing claws and release lever fulcrum provides reliable operation and safety.
-newly adopted three-year deodorant “MOFF chinstrap”. Newly adopted the chinstrap using the new deodorant (nano technology) approach is quite different from the conventional

the moment deodorant material “MOFF”.
MOFF effect compared to activated the “odor adsorption speed is 10 times” and “degree of adsorption was 100 times”.
-conventional KAMUI superior basic specifications but intact!

/ JIS / 2 shell design and compact design. Accessories: Guard No.4 and No.2 wind shutters
color: perlwhitered
size: l (59-60 cm)


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