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Panasonic compact stereo system Bluetooth enabled silver SC-HC39-S

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and clear high sound quality, slim audio.

high-performance amplifier to reproduce the sound

immersive minimizes the jitter (time-axis deviation) to ultra low frequency audible limit following from high-frequency clock regeneration technologies [LincsD-Amp II]

our own noise shaping techniques applied to the clock. Applied control theory, and to reduce the PWM principle distortion “distortion correction PWM modulator” on new algorithms for. To improve the accuracy of distortion occurs when processing a digital waveform, even in high fidelity sound waveform reproduction becomes possible.


to the XBS Master bass to play more effectively, and reduce the distortion


to amplify the resonance frequency band

speaker unit in the It is a technology “H.BASS”, “band split DRC” in addition to the low-distortion bass can play effectively our own technology XBS (Extra Bass System) and that further enhance the heavy bass sound reproduction system. Fully digital transmission to reproduce the sounds to expand

x adopt a fully digital transmission system there is no digital conversion. By
sound quality, so clear and crisp sound can be reproduced. Expand

sharp sound quality Nano-Nano bamboo speakers,

in bamboo fiber and improve rigidity. Powerful sound beautiful delicate sound and reproduce clear and sharp sound quality you can enjoy.

Well known

dynamic bass “W passive radiator”,

before and after the two passive radiators are low output frequency range. Achieved by placing weight in the center of the passive radiator, linear, stable vibration. Obscuring the rich bass sounds and accurately reproduces the sound and less noise.
Nano bamboo speakers with around two passive radiators left and right respectively, and with six speakers due to the small, powerful bass and clear, crisp sound quality.

haze of sound achieved sound distortion “pure direct sound”,

less haze in processing high-performance DSP (digital signal processors).


smartphones can play wirelessly with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as music players and smart phones “Bluetooth”,

music in high quality, wireless play. Wi-Fi environment without need to communicate directly with the
component, easy to enjoy the music.

Bluetooth remote… master


sent: signal compression in high correction operation range signal, to reproduce the “Bluetooth remote. Master “of views with a high-quality wireless sound.

one-touch offers Smartphone music instrument to touch Smartphone Android Smartphone for the NFC NFC-enabled,

If you just complete the Bluetooth connection.

* version 4.1 music playing app, made by Panasonic for your Panasonic Music Streaming (free) is required than previous Android devices. You can download from the Google Play.

terms and conditions

wireless function

-sometimes using frequency use frequency band
internal wireless devices use the 2.4 GHz frequency band, but also with other wireless devices. Use the following tips in mind to avoid interference with
other wireless equipment.

-frequency display frequency display view
are provided to certified nameplate.

in the frequency band of this equipment, used factory production line, with industries such as microwave ovens, scientific and medical equipment, as well as a mobile for campus radio stations (licenced radio stations) and specified low-power radio station (radio station does not require a driver’s license), as well as the amateur radio station (radio stations licenced) has been operational. 1.
Please verify prior to using this equipment, by not operating mobile for campus radio station and specified low-power radio stations and amateur radio stations.
2., from this equipment for campus radio station for the mobile case study of harmful radio interference occurs, immediately stopped using the radio and then contact us, contact for interference avoidance action, (including for example and partitions) for consult. 3.
please contact the following contacts when do something embarrassing, such as when this device originated the cases of harmful interference to mobile for specified low-power radio stations or amateur radio stations and other.
Panasonic Corporation Panasonic Customer Center toll-free 0120-878-365 * available from mobile phone, PHS.

-DLNA, the DLNA Logo and DLNA CERTIFIED are trademarks, service marks, or certification marks of the Digital Living Network Alliance.
and AirPlay is Apple Inc registered in the United States and other countries. the trademarks.
the Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and, Panasonic co., Ltd., these marks are used under license. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.
-N mark is the NFC Forum, Inc…. of in the United States and other countries trademarks or registered trademarks. Not correspond to
and Smartphone dock.
-Android and Google Play, Google Inc’s… of the trademarks or registered trademarks. Smartphone
and photographs are included.
photographs and illustrations are images.
* opening price price, contact the dealer.

high-performance amplifier to reproduce the sound

immersive “W passive radiator” heavy sound dynamic Nano bamboo speaker XBS Master bass to play more effectively and reduce the distortion [LincsD-Amp II]a
with crisp sound quality,

Low-turbidity sound pure direct sound
Bluetooth® music such as Smartphones can play wirelessly with


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