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Panasonic digital cordless FAX phone 2 cars with 1.9 GHz DECT-compliant system white KX-PD503DW-W

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Price = ¥ 29,990


features five


in kanji 1high

-character Visual high-visibility white backlight LCD. Display unit and child, in Chinese, the name of the phone book is easy to read.

* this size (the size of the LCD Panel).
2 type your choice


KX-PD503 series standard terminals and a simple, easy-to-use simple with two. Easy child focused feature characters displayed or button large and easy to see.

power outage when call is ready relief

unit in battery pack, so even during a power outage can be approximately a one-hour call. You can prepare in case of emergencies. (* 1) If it is available at

make sure relief
opponents further from

automatic Tokio Marine & Nichido response set, call the opponent before name claims have so you can automatically. It is safe because you can see when you do not know who is the person in front.
call number can be selected from [3][5] [10]. Only once more, in the number display service by subscribing to the phone book does not register people from work automatic Tokio Marine & Nichido responds. Expand

* “Tokio Marine & Nichido response mode. Please tell me your name “or” Please may I ask your name?? “The message you can choose from two types.

you can save to SD memory cards (sold separately) such as leave plenty of calls also features 4


received by fax, call recording and voice mail voice.


window / door, door phone capability also living worry-free

manufactured by Panasonic DECT (* 2), connect the compliant system device together if home safety, visitor reception, fax machine can be useful.

PD503 and other features
  • before recording
  • phone book reading
    call denial of

  • dial reading
  • call recording Guide
  • by
  • Leaving morphed
  • message
  • theft prevention
  • earpiece sound (voice-select)
  • call reading
  • Choose your mobile phone

* 1 may not be a simple power outage calls for how to take advantage of fiber optic network adapter base unit is connected does not work during a power outage.
* 2 DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is a trademark of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), is one of the wireless communication systems are widely used in the world. Our products conform to the (General Association of radio industries) the ARIB standards ‘ARIB STD-T101″.

  • J-DECT logo is a trademark of the DECT Forum. J-DECT logo shows to be adopted conforming to ARIB STD-T101 1.9 GHz wireless communication equipment. It is not indicative of whether or not the connections among devices with the same logo.
  • 1.9 may if in GHz DECT-compliant method for equipment CS digital broadcasting receiving antenna transmission line of CS digital broadcasting into the DECT-compliant system device radio. You may be less impacted by your distributor, cable and splitter for high shielding effectiveness of satellite broadcasting.
  • LCD screens are renderings.
  • photos and illustrations are images.
  • may be

  • product color is slightly different and the actual color.
  • SDXC logo is a trademark of SD-3C, LLC.

-white LCD display easy to read kanji & blue dial light recruiting
-calls even during a power outage a simple power outage calls (* 1) with peace of mind for
-automatic confirmation before opponents worry-free autoresponders (* 4),
-number maximum of 250 register “junk calls incoming call rejection (* 5)] and
-DECT (* 2)-compliant system adopted in further peace of mind and convenience features
-relay antenna of DECT (* 2)-compliant system adopted also supports
-more people per sensor (optional:KX-FKD603) with ease
-radio automatically detects the power consumption “eco Navi equipped
* 1: such as faxing, copying, answering other feature is not available.
* 2: setting is required (purchase when no on is set).
* 3: Japan NTT East and NTT West Japan number and display service request is required.
* 4: in the trademark of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), one of the wireless communication systems are widely used in the world.


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