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Panasonic digital cordless phone phone 2 cars with 1.9 GHz DECT-compliant systems VE-GD72DW-W

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large screen about 4.3-inch LCD unit cordless phone birth ◆ base unit handset clean use of cordless (earpiece child), leave the easy base unit Handset Cordless making (answer phone). Thus, so far as use as a normal telephone handset with the base unit dial in, of course, away from the base unit can be used as a child. You can easily answer was in the corded handset. • Able to call even during a power outage may not be a simple power outage calls for * fiber optic network from the same peace of mind a simple power outage call cordless handset and the battery pack is in the unit, even in blackout in receiving child and child to make phone calls, you can take advantage of the adapter unit is connected not work during a power outage. /-About 4.3 type (* 1) kanji display white LCD & of cordless handset (receiving child)
-calls even during a power outage a simple power outage calls (* 2) with peace of mind for
-lead window sensor & door sensors, motion sensors per unit for
-DECT (* 3)-compliant system adopted in further peace of mind and convenience features
-relay antenna of DECT (* 3)-compliant system adopted for
-motion sensors per unit ( :KX-FKD603 sold separately) with more ease
* 1: this size (the size of the LCD Panel).
* 2: base unit speakerphone and answering machine, or other feature is not available.
* 3: in the trademark of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), one of the wireless communication systems are widely used in the world.

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