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Panasonic LED ceiling lights dimming and color type-12 mat dark brown HH-CA 1231 A

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Price = ¥ 21,107


-Omakase mode environment suitable for the onset-little character can be clearly readable “statement 字ku clean light is” with-clean stain-resistant from easy “kiraycort”-bug block design to prevent invasion of insects to cover-no lamp replacement light source lifetime approximately 40,000 hours-Accessories: remote control box with remote control [HK9496MM]-dimensions (height x width x depth) : 113 mm x 606 x 606 mm-body mass:2.6kg size: 60.6 cm width diameter 11.3 cm high remote control
body weight:2.6Kg
[Omakase-all lights and usually-white color, warm colors, Nightlight and extermination] only when using the remote sending unit q 100% to 5%] light and q daylight-bulb color] can be colored-Nightlight <6段調光可能>
thade type: acrylic cover (milk white frosting and Kiley coat) dark brown finish on [19459001lightLEDdaylight6500KRa83(lightbulbcolor2700KRa83)
-specific energy consumption efficiency:114.4 LM/w (5150 lm-45 W)


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