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Panasonic LED ceiling lights dimming and color type-12 tatami HH-LC 794 A

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[checkpoint prior to purchase lighting equipment][アイコンの説明] ◆ at the touch of a button lighting makeover, white color (daylight) “all lights (daytime white)” warm colors (light color) “usual” ◆ covers are stain-resistant and easy to clean “kiraycort” employed ◆ excellent colour rendition, the colours seem more natural ◆ rusubann-integrated remote control with Timer ◆ light life of 40,000 hours (luminous flux maintenance rate 70%) / ♦ finishing like ♦ Guide to age and the number of tatami mats: 20s-12 tatami mats, 40-10 mat material: thade: acrylic cover (milk white frosting and Kiley coat), wood (wood) daylight 6500 K Ra83 (light bulb color 3000 K Ra83) type: led light dimming function: (remote control: all the usual, white color, warm colors, Nightlight, extermination, 100-5%) (wall switch: all lights → normal → Nightlight) toning feature: (daylight-lamp) Nightlight: Yes (6-dimmer) fixtures luminous flux: lm 5100 power 57 W Remote control: Yes (HK9491MM) remote control box dimensions: vertical 534 x next 534 × height 126 mm weight:3.3kg horizontal ceiling only energy consumption efficiency:89.5lm/W(5100lm-57w) cast F mounting method: how to mount ♦ cast F installation ♦ 1 retractable hanging ceiling adapter to fit. 2. push the body cast. (Shipping at lamps pre-mounted) 3 connector. (And the body not be mounted completely impossible connection) 4 cover until it snaps to the right to rotate to ensure. Size: width 534 mm x height 126 mm

body weight:3.3kg warranty: 1 year
accessory: remote control box with remote control [HK9491MM]
one in lighting Makeover <白い色(昼光色)><全灯(昼白色)><暖かい色(電球色)><普段のあかり>

cover stain resistant easy-to-clean “kiraycort” adopted light source life 40, 000 rusubann timer high CRI lamp replacement needed at the time, the colours seem more natural (average rendering color evaluation number Ra83) internal-only with remote control


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