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Panasonic LED ceiling lights dimming and color type-18 tatami HH-LC 962 A dirty

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Price = ¥ 22,800


care make it difficult easy

Panasonic LED ceiling light with

I, combining water oil resin with antioxidant power
Panasonic’s own Kray coat to cover recruiting
dirty of course dust-resistant and just wipe clean to

 Panasonic LED ceiling light

care easy. Wipe clean

 Panasonic LED ceiling light

power outage protection is resistant to dust, new conductive agent
power outage prevention

. water oil resin features easy-to-pick-resistant oil

light and color

 Panasonic LED ceiling light

harmonic color buttons “light” and “dark” in Regulation

lighting of the usual Panasonic LED ceiling light with

100% to about 5% dimming (memorized)

 Panasonic Royal LED ceiling light

brightness compared with the whole light about half

 Panasonic LED ceiling light

All lights

white  Panasonic LED ceiling light

brightness is compared to the total lamp time about half



 Panasonic LED ceiling light

remote control built-in timer. Going home at the scheduled time and the light switch is automatically ON and OFF
home night slow time or absenteeism when anti-burglary in women
alone, family home or to pretend you can

* this product penetration and recommend security measures such as locks and doors to fit the use of
is not to discourage theft and


life of 40,000 hours

ceiling light lamp replacement is hard work. Elderly, especially very need for lamp replacement light source life is 40,000 hours

* failure to repair

long long long-term assurance

that can be used with
9/1/2013 purchasing goods ( Catalog in tatami notation) for
LED power LED unit is five years, body 1 year warranty

size: width 600 mm, height 139 mm Plastic
body weight:3.1kg

12 months
LED (daylight 6500 K Ra83 / light bulb color 3000 K Ra83
97.5 LM/w (7900 lm-81 W) remote control
[all lights and usually, white color, warm colors, Nightlight and extermination] only when using the remote sending unit q 100% to 5%] light and q daylight-bulb color] can be colored, Nightlight <6段調光可能> wall switch [→ normal → full lighting Nightlight] acrylic cover (milk white frosting and Kiley coat) light life of 40000 hours (luminous flux maintenance rate 70%) Bugs & dust resistant with structure-only remote control transmitter [HK9478MM] can be mounted to sloped ceilings up to 55 ° inclined ceiling adapter use when supplied with remote control box cast F mounting method AC100V horizontal ceiling-only * (sold separately),

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