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Panasonic portable LCD TV waterproof type pure white SV-ME7000-W

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Price = ¥ 36,980


portable terrestrial digital TV SV-ME7000

waterproof specification * 1 in the bath can enjoy terrestrial digital HDTV broadcasting * 2 [19459005
like built-in antenna and battery to carry may not receive radio waves by the shows you want to see in your room like (*) enjoy “room jump link-enabled * 3
* building structure and surrounding environment.

* 1
about [the waterproofness of the main unit and remote control] and
-supports it, with inner diameter of 12.5 mm nozzle from every direction the water more than 3 minutes approximately 100 l / min of water for IPX6 (protection level against the jets) in the tap water at room temperature, away from devices 3 m equipment function to work.
-about IPX7 (ingress protection against flooding) in the tap water at room temperature, 1 m equipment sunk quietly, took 30 minutes, and then the works of equipment supports.

-If you took the SOAP and shampoo at room temperature tap water rinse with weak water.
-will result in damage intentionally drop, or drop in the tub (heated) and please note.
-do not use in water and tub (heated). Also, do not leave water or hot water for a long time.
● wipe with a soft cloth after each use, and please keep out of the bathroom.
-Please do not use magnet touch AC adapter in place with water spray.
-to maintain the water resistance, once a two-year replacement parts for waterproof, rubber sealing (paid) recommended.
* 2 receives digital terrestrial HDTV broadcasts, but display is not full high-definition resolution. (Display pixels 1024 horizontal x vertical 600)
* 3 room jump link-enabled equipment, for more information, visit Dimensions: 19.04 height × width 28.75 x 1.73 cm (excluding protrusions)
mass: 997 g
Accessories 1: remote control, coin cell batteries (for remote control), suction cup holder and suction cup holder for mounting sheet
accessories 2: miniB-CAS cards, magnet touch AC adapter * SD memory card not included.
:DC12V power supply (DC IN port), DC7.4V(rechargeable battery terminals):
liquid crystal display 10-α-SI TFT widescreen LCD monitor pixels and 1024 horizontal x vertical 600
rechargeable battery charging time *: power supply “off” when 3 hours 15 minutes / turn “on” when 10 hours * 20 ° C when
speaker output: 800mW+800mW (8 Ω)
headphone output: output jack stereo mini jack (3.5 mm in diameter ) (16-32 Ω recommended) number of terminals, one


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