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Panasonic sealed headphones black RP-WF7-K

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Price = ¥ 13,420


great immersive three-dimensional sound field with 7.1-channel presence and sense of siege for reproduction
a variety of audio formats, as well as 40 mm large diameter driver unit with Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoders generated 7.1 ch and move the With wireless headphones deliver powerful surround sound experience.

* supported audio format: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital surround EX, DTS, DTS-ES, MPEG-2 AAC

headphone mass 227 g approx. (including rechargeable batteries) lighter. Also, Housing Department employed to realize comfortable wearing earbuds top over the glasses, 3D glasses, and oval-shaped soft foam urethane material to avoid pressure on the ears reduce stress to your ears, viewers can enjoy comfortably for a long time.

digital audio wireless transmission & bi-directional features of the transmitter control
2.4 GHz digital wireless transmission allows maximum 30 m audio signal transmission is possible *. Equipped with remote control features enable the transmitter into the headphone and also ease-of-use.

* headphones and transmitter between obstacles and if interference equipment near or if entered between people, depending on the structure of the surrounding environment, building less is available. It is not to guarantee the above distance. Also, and not certified for the simultaneous use of two or more RP-WF7 (headphones and transmitter). Up to four people at the same time

to add additional digitalwirelessaroundheadhon (RP-WF7H not included), and up to four people at the same time you can enjoy.

* additional digitalwirelessaroundheadhon (RP-WF7H sold separately) can be used up to 3 computers.

noise canceling: surround non-compliance
weight: 227 g

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