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Piano playing auxiliary supply assisted pedal 3-piece set (black)

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Price = ¥ 19,300


assist pedal & assist high & assists tools (leg stand) of the three-point set does not pedal piano extension things with is mainstream, but assisted pedal & tranquility of units and integrated appliances. Measure from the child exceeds height 130 cm, use is ideal. This instrument (assisted 3-piece set), height adjustment, eventually to the pedals of the piano directly leg will receive until use. Designed pedal is tailor child 130 cm alone assisted pedal legs have not received any.
piano pedal position is “about 4.5 cm / 6.5 cm / 9.0 cm / 11.5 cm / 13.6 cm” and five high configurable as 0.
set includes: assisted pedal assist high tools / assists tool (black)

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