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Pioneer digital audio player hires sound-enabled Google Play for black XDP-100R-K

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Price = ¥ 42,714


PCM384kHz/24bit or DSD11.2MHz
for MQA (for update) play and an intuitive operation using the “rocklenediajust” function to reduce jitter noise by adjusting the applied precision response

new development GUI
Google Play
e-onkyo music direct in collaboration app available
PC X-DAP Link source purchase already transfer your songs from the sound management simple
audio circuits manufactured by ESS SABRE DAC ‘ES9018K2M’.
Adopt a SABRE 9601 K AMP section to smooth transmission from the DAC.

screen without starting direct, you can manipulate the physical button employed 2 microSD card slots equipped, up to 432 GB additional detachable die-bumper, to suppress the load to the ONKYO full-range speakers to enjoy dynamic sound without earphones can be

cable / connector


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