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(Reebok) Celebrates 20th anniversary with “THE PUMP” can be synonymous with “Reebok” has been generating a classic Reebok INSTA PUMP FURY TECH [インスタ ポンプ フューリー テック ダイニーマ] BLACK/DGH SOLD / FOGGY GREY ar0625

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each time the control fitting to the legs by the pressure of the air “INSTA PUMP FURY” original (early type), reprinted at last. Bottom tooling edgy upper design, commonly known as “getasole” and was called together, true appearance in 1994, original release at that time as much as possible recreate.
here’s a TECH model used as organic fiber having a highest level of strength and elastic modulus, abrasion resistance is very high-strength polyethylene fiber “Dyneema” weaving fabric upper. It is one foot in each part skillfully distinguish colors and materials and shades of similar colors together.
* may differ because we share the real stores and stock this item is up for sale. Please be forewarned. New 2016 FW

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